A gunpowder explosion at about half past ten on Saturday morning, at the extensive works of the new Sedgwick Gunpowder Company, situate at Sedgwick, near Kendal.
 In gunpowder manufactories, it is required that the buildings should be scattered about, and at Sedgwick, the buildings are erected at a good distance from each other, and sheltered by a thick wood or planting.
 The explosion on Saturday took place in a corning house, which forms one of the three in a single block of buildings. There was a terrific report, followed by a dense volume of smoke, and the men at the works were speedily running about in all directions, fearing that the explosion might have occurred in one of the press-houses, where numerous workmen are employed.
 The building was blown to atoms, pieces flying about in all directions, but the other two corning mills were saved through a mechanical contrivance so arranged that when one mill explodes there is a simultaneous connection with the other two, and a tack of water lowered on the powder, so as to prevent ignition.
 The man who attends to the mills had happily gone to look after another in some other part of the wood, and by this means escaped the explosion. The damage is considerable. The report was distinctly heard at Kendal, about five miles away, as was also the dense cloud of smoke visible.
 It is five or six years since an explosion occurred at these works, which was then attended by four deaths.