Jane JACKSON, a married woman, Workington, was charged with having assaulted Jane ROBINSON of the same place, on the 19th of April. Mr. ATTER appeared for ROBINSON.
 Complainant stated that she was in her own house when the defendant came to her and said something about complainant’s son having indecently assaulted her little daughter. Witness said that she had chastised the boy; but this the defendant denied, saying she had laughed at him, at the same time calling the witness and old ____, and striking her in the face, and giving her a black eye.
 Mrs. Julia WALKER gave corroborative evidence.
 There was a cross summons in the case against Jane ROBINSON for an assault upon Jane JACKSON. Mrs. JACKSON’s version of the story was that Mrs. ROBINSON’s son had “undecently” assaulted her little girl, and that Mrs. ROBINSON, instead of correcting the lad, had laughed at him.
 On witness remonstrating her Mrs. ROBINSON assaulted her, spat at her, and called her bad names,
 The Bench dismissed both cases.