Frederick Lee, hot potato seller, was charged with having used obscene language on the streets of Workington, on Saturday night, the 22nd ult. Inspector DODD said that the defendant was going up street with his engine, making use of the most obscene and filthy language. Defendant was rather fresh of drink.
 The Chairman: You are fined 20s including costs.
 Defendant: Or how long?
 The chairman: Fourteen days.
 Defendant: Then I’ll go and do it. (Laughter.)


 Jane MALONE, marine store dealer was charged with having bought lead in less quantities than is allowed by the by the local Act. Superintendent BIRD said that the defendant had bought a quantity of old lead piping from a man who had stolen it, and who was convicted of the theft and sent to gaol. The lead was of less quantity than the defendant was allowed to purchase.
 Defendant was fined 33s. Including costs.
 Thomas CONWAY and Hugh FEARON were charged with having obstructed footpaths to the annoyance of passengers on Saturday night last.
 Police Constable REED proved the charge, and the defendants were each charged 10s.