At Workington, on Wednesday, Wilson RENNEY, a tramp, was charged with having stolen a saw, the property of John DODSON, joiner, of Flimby.
 Complainant said that on Thursday last he was working for Messrs. CHAMBERS and TOLSON in Falcon-street. Saw the prisoner there a few minutes before twelve o’clock. He asked witness for a copper, but he had none to give. Witness went to dinner at twelve, and when he returned he missed the saw produced.
 On the Saturday following, witness looked through the pawnbroker’s shops, and found the saw at Mrs. COTTIERS shop. Mrs. COTTIER said that she had received the saw on the 20th of April from the prisoner. She gave him 1s 2d for it.
 Police Constable 166 said that on Saturday last he went to Mrs. COTTIER’s shop and asked her if the saw had been pledged there by a man named Wilson RENNEY. She produced the saw, and witness went in search of the prisoner. Saw him coming up Wilson-street and apprehended him and charged him with stealing the saw. In answer to the charge he replied, “Yes, I took it.” Witness then brought him to the police station.
 Prisoner pleaded guilty to taking the saw. He said that him andf the prosecutor were friends. They lent each other money to buy tobacco and drink with. On the day in question he asked the prosecutor if he had any money, and he replied that he had not. Prisoner then took his saw and pledged it with his own name to get some money with, and afterwards informed the prosecutor what he had done.
 Prisoner was fined 40s including costs; in default, a fortnight’s imprisonment with hard labour.