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 Matthew BRADLEY, a publican, Cockermouth, was charged with having sold drink during prohibited hours. Defendant asked for an adjournment as his witness had gone to Brampton and could not appear that day. An adjournment was granted until next Monday.


 Joseph ISMAY, Joseph BARKER and Joseph PATTERSON ( the latter did not appear), were charged with having trespassed in pursuit of game on land over which Mr. T. PAISLEY of Greysouthen has the right of shooting, on the 18th of last month. Mr. ATTER appeared to prosecute.
 Charles MONK said he was engaged by Mr. PAISLEY as a game keeper. On the day in question he was watching a wood near Ribton Hall. Saw the three defendants in the wood. They were “messing about” with a rabbit hole. When they saw witness they ran away and concealed themselves.
 Witness followed them and searched them but found nothing in their possession. When they left the place, however, he found a rabbit net concealed under some sleepers. On the following evening, the defendant ISMAY came to his house and asked if witness was going to prosecute them. Witness said he would report the matter to Mr. PAISLEY, and showed the rabbit net which he had found to the defendant, who denied that it was their net, and said they had three nets with them which they hid in a hole.
 BARKER said he expected it would be a 2 affair, and was perfectly satisfied. The Chairman said as they seemed willing they would each be fine 2, including costs.