The vote of the house of Commons on Monday  afternoon leaves Mr.
BRADLAUGH in the same position as he stood in before his  expulsion. He has given no
intimation of what his future course is to be. After  the division he left the
House, and he merely informed the Sergeant-at-Arms that  he would not trouble
the House that night.

   It is however, believed that Mr. BRADLAUGH will  think once or twice
before he attempts again to force himself into the Chamber.  If he does, the Tory
leader will move, not his expulsion, but simply that he be  prohibited from
entering the precincts of the House. This would inflict on Mr.  BRADLAUGH the
severest penalty without at the same time bringing the House into  direct
collision with the constituency of Northampton.

   In these circumstances, Mr. BRADLAUGH will probably  remain quiet for
some time, and continue to make use of what he calls the select  privileges of
the House. It is reported that he intends to take steps for  bringing the case
into a court of law.



   A curious commentary on the proceedings of the  House of Commons on
Monday is given in the official London Gazette of Tuesday  night. It is there
recorded, on the authority of the Crown Office, that "Charles  BRADLAUGH, of 20,
Circus Road, St. John's Wood, in the county of Middlesex,  journalist and
publisher," is a "Member returned to serve in the present  Parliament." Mr.
BRADLAUGH's complaint is that he is not permitted to do  service.