The monument which the Queen commissioned Mr. R. C.  BELT to prepare for
the perpetuation of the memory of Lord BEACONSFIELD has just  been completed
and erected in Hughenden Church. It is placed immediately above  the seat
habitually occupied by the late Prime Minister. The spot was, it is  stated,
selected by Her Majesty.

   The centre of the memorial is occupied by a profile  portrait carved in
bold relief in statuary marble placed within a quatrefoil  cartouche, which
flanked by buttresses and crowned by a carved crested canopy,  in which figures
an heraldic hatchment of the late Earl's arms and supported  beneath this is a
tablet bearing the following dedication, written by the Queen:  -

the dear and honoured Memory
of Benjamin Earl of Beaconsfield,
This memorial is placed by
his grateful and affectionate
Sovereign and friend
Victoria R. I.
"Kings love him that
speaketh right."

February 27th, 1882     Proverbs xvi. 13

   The whole of the architectural surroundings are in  strict accord with
the architecture of the church itself, and are wrought in  Sicilian marble.