Twenty students attending this class held in connection with the Cumberland Mines and Quarries Centre of the St. John Ambulance Association, underwent their examination in the Co-operative Hall on Friday.
 Dr. HAYTHORNTHWAITE, of Rowrah, conducted the series of lectures, and Dr. C. J. J. HARRIS of Whitehaven was the examiner, assisted by Supt. E. J. BARKER, of the Whitehaven St. John Ambulance Brigade.
 Votes of thanks were passed to Dr. HARRIS and Mr. BARKER for the efficient and patient way in which they had conducted the examination on the motion of Mr. J. T. WATSON, seconded by Mr. H. A. MILLER.
 Thanks were also expressed to the committee of the Cleator Moor Co-operative Society, and to Mr. Henry THOMPSON, stores manager, for the free use of the Hall and for cleaning and lighting the room.
 Dr. HARRIS, in returning thanks, expressed his satisfaction at the work which had been done, and referred to the able way in which the class had been taught by the doctor, and instructed in practical work by the local secretary, Mr. Geo. DUNN. He appealed to all who were outside the Ambulance Brigade to join up and carry on the good work.