On Friday evening in connection with St. Mary’s Church, the third tea and social in preparation for the coming bazaar was held in St. Patrick’s Schools. The tea, which was given by Mrs. P. BURNS, Duke Street, was very largely attended, over 200 persons sitting down. Their wants were very carefully attended to by a good staff of waiters. After tea a social was held. F. WEBB had prepared a short programme, which was well rendered and greatly appreciated.
Song: “The sentinel, encore, Mr. F. KING.
Song, “The song that reached my heart,” encore, Mrs. L. TOOLE
Song, “The blind girl to her harp,” encore, Mrs. ROONEY
Song, “Micky M’Carten’s Band”  encore, Mr. M. M’CARTEN
Song, “Irish Jubilee,” encore, Mr. J. BRANNEY
Song, “Kathleen Aroon,” encore, Mr. F. KING

Afterwards a dance was held, which was greatly enjoyed. Mr. P. A. BURNS was M. C., and Messrs. H. J. CULLEN and M. M’CARTEN supplied the music. F. WEBB accompanied the singers.