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 There was a full attendance of the Committee of the West Cumberland Traders’ Association at a meeting held on Monday night, with Mr. J. H. HOWE in the chair.
 The object of the meeting was to take into consideration what steps, if any, to take in the forthcoming municipal elections. It was decided to ask each of the candidates the following questions:
(1) Are you in favour of adjusting the present inequality of water charges to shops with dwelling-houses?
(2) Will you endeavour to secure a plentiful supply of domestic water, free from corrosive or other injurious matter?
(3) Are you in favour of the compulsory early closing of shops when two-thirds of the shop keepers demand it?
(4) Will you use your best efforts to secure a more thorough and efficient system of watering the streets?
 The committee have also petitioned the Mayor to call a ratepayer’s meeting to hear the views of all the candidates, and he has promised to do so for Wednesday, the 29th in the Duke Street Mission Hall.