The retiring Councillors in St. John’s Ward are Messrs. T. HUNT and E. A. THOMPSON. Mr. HUNT has removed to Barrow, and Mr. THOMPSON does not seek re-election. For the two vacancies Messrs. Herbert THOMPSON, Bank Manager, and T. GRISENTHWAITE, draper; W. H. HILL, inspecting engineer; and Ambrose PALMER, painter (nominee of the Joint Committee of Trades Council, the Co-operative Societies and the Labour Party) are in the field.
 In St. Michael’s Ward, Messrs. P. WALLS and J. POOl retire and a new candidate comes forward in Mr. S. KENNAUGH, ship chandler.
 Messrs. J. M’MULLEN and Wm. TOMLINSON are the retiring councilors in the South Ward, and up to the present time their return is unopposed.
 For Seaton Ward, Mr. J. MORRISON retires, and it is thought that he will be allowed a walkover.
 Nominations must be in by Friday next, 5 p.m.; Polling will be on November 1st. On the 28th, Mr. WALLS sails for America, with Mr. MOSELEY’s commission, as representative of the blast furnace industry and will be away for six weeks.