When Louis PHILLIPE was on the throne of France, Prince de Joinville had returned from a voyage round the world, bringing back with him a number of presents to his family and friends.
 The Princess Marie, who possessed an exquisite taste, was impatient to know what portion of his exotic presents the Prince had reserved for herself’
 “My dear sister,” replied the Prince, “I have brought you the complete costume of a Princess of Tahiti.”
 Princess Marie was enchanted at the idea, as a masked ball was to take place a few evenings after. She at once declared that she would appear in the costume, and puzzle everybody. Thereupon the Prince drew from the trunk a collar and a pair of bracelets made of seashells.
 “Beautiful!” exclaimed the Princess; “and the rest?”
 “The rest?”
 “Yes; the rest of the costume you promised me.”
 “You have the entire costume now, my dear.”