On Saturday afternoon a sealed handicap, promoted by Mr. Robert DIXON, of the Parkshead Inn, near Egremont, and his friends, was held in splendid weather. Eight member of the Harrier Club joined in the run which began at the Inn, down the main road to Egremont, up to Bookwell, past Rothersyke, down to Lowmill Bridge up to the Beckermet Road, and back to the starting point, a distance of about four and a half miles.
The prizes consisted of three pretty silver medals the first prize medal having a gold centre. Messrs JACKSON officiated as handicappers and timekeepers, with Mr. T. WATSON as starter, and Mr. J. J. KELLY as secretary.
The first prize was won by Mr. RICKERBY, who covered the course in 25 minutes and 35 seconds. Mr. S. LOWERY came in second, his time being 27 minutes and 39 seconds. The third man was Mr. J. TOMLINSON whose time was 28 minutes and 40 seconds. The fourth man was Mr. C. LOWERY, and the fifth position fell to the lot of Mr. R. THOMPSON.

Mr. J. J. KELLY, in presenting the medals to the successful runners said he wished the Egremont Harrier Club every success. He hoped that more young men would join the club. He felt sure that the runs were very exhilarating. He regretted that Mr. DIXON was shortly to leave the Parkshead Inn or they would have endeavoured to see if his friends would not have subscribed to another race as they had done on that occasion. (Cheers.)

Mr. DIXON handed over a subscription to the Harriers Club, and another donation equal in value to the former gift was promised. General regret was expressed that Mr. W. BECK, secretary and treasurer, was indisposed, and unable to take part in the race.