Monday, October 20.
(Before Archdeacon SHERWEN, the Rev. Canon SUTTON, W. L. ALEXANDER, J. WILSON and H. P. SENHOUSE, Esqs.)


 William MILVAIN, a native of Whithorn, Wigton, was charged with being a deserter  from the Gordon Highlanders at Kroonstad on March 2nd, 1902.
 Supt. GRAHAM stated that the man surrendered himself on Saturday. Defendant was remanded to await an escort from Aberdeen.


 Joseph M’GEE, 24, labourer, Grasslot, Maryport, was charged with using indecent language at Wyndham Row, on the 11th inst., and with throwing stones near Broughton Moor on the same date.
 P.C. RIDLEY stated that near five o’clock he heard a man making use of bad language. A housekeeper named William MAKEMSON, stated that the defendant threw a brick at him as he was driving along the road. There were ten passengers in the wagonette. He had refused to allow the defendant to go with him on account of his condition.
 Defendant was fined 13s, including costs, in the first case, and 18s, including costs, in the second, or in default one month’s imprisonment.


 Telford FIDLER, collier, Wyndham Row, was charged with assaulting Stephen GIBBON at Wyndham Row on the 6th inst.

 Defendant pleaded guilty. Mr. Theodore FISHER said the assault was altogether unprovoked.

 Complainant said he was in the Solway Hotel, Wyndham Row, when the defendant blamed him for interrupting him while he was singing. When complainant left the hotel the defendant followed him with a stick, knocked him down, kicked him, and nearly strangled him. Subsequently he threatened to shoot him. Complainant had to go to a doctor, and in consequence of the assault had missed nine days of work. He had never given him any provocation.

 A man named John FLETCHER, corroborated. Defendant said the man made him do it. Complainant used bad language and “fired” a brick at him.

 Defendant was bound over to keep the peace for six months, and to pay the costs, 23s  6d.