(To the Editor).

Dear Sir, - Seeing a letter in your issue of Friday last about the wreck of the Norwegian barque “Bengal” from Capt. WILSON and Lieut. M. M’GILL, I think it is a shame of the former to say he wishes the public of Whitehaven to stand back and let the Rocket Brigade work themselves. I think myself, being a spectator, if the Brigade had not received considerable help, every man would have been drowned in coming through the surf. I can point out where I am right in using the above words.

 In the first place, there was about a dozen men of the Brigade there. Now what use were they on such a night for pulling the breeches back and forward when I could see about forty men on either rope, and even then they could not keep them out of the water as they should have been, for the barque was in the best position possible. I may also mention that where the most danger was, there was at least Brigade men working, that was down on the rocks where the men were up to their waists, and sometimes necks in surf. That is where the danger lay to the sailors in getting badly dashed against the rocks, but, thanks to the plucky volunteers, all came off well, with the exception of two Brigade men helping them on the rock.

 I like to give honour where it is due, at the same time the Brigade gets its share, but most is due to Mr. W. BRANCH and Mr. F. FISHER, who were first and last on the beach.

 - Hoping you will publish this in your first issue, I am, yours truly,