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 The Ellenborough Colliery, near Maryport, which employs about 100 men underground, was idle again yesterday, Wednesday, owing to a dispute in which about 20 men employed in the Hamilton team are concerned.
 It appears that some time ago the manager agreed to pay the Hamilton seam men some additional price for hewing, in consequence of exceptional difficulties, which prevented the men from earning as much as the men in the other section of the colliery. On the allegation that all cause for the additional price had now passed away, the manager intimated that the old state of things would be reverted to starting Monday morning, but the men, who contend that there is as much need as ever for the “make-up,” declined to start work.

 The men in the other seams continue to work on Monday, but on Tuesday only a small number turned out and the colliery was idle. On Wednesday morning about the same number of men as were prepared to work on Tuesday went to the pit, but were sent home again. On Tuesday night a meeting of the men was held at Grasslot. Mr. SHARP being present, when the merits of the dispute were discussed, and a deputation appointed to confer with the manager.