Two landaus collided opposite the Tower Café on the promenade at Blackpool at half past six on Sunday evening. One of the vehicles was overturned, and the horse fell on the driver, who was precipitated into the roadway. Henry FITZSIMMONS, of 30 Front Ginns, Whitehaven, was on the box at the time, and he was pinned down under the carriage. P. C. LIVESEY hurried to the scene, and with the assistance of the bystanders got the horse on to his feet. The driver was then found to be unconscious.

 The officer sent for an ambulance, Dr. RICHARDSON examined the man before its arrival, and ascertained that he was suffering from shock, but that no bones were broken. The sufferer was placed on the ambulance and taken to the hospital. FITZSIMMONS was next got from under the carriage. He appeared to be none the worse for his adventure, and walked away. Later on, however, he went to the hospital, where he was detained. He is suffering from shock.

 The cab, which was broken up, was removed on a lurry. The occupants of the landau included Edward M’CONVEY, 1 Burnyeat Terrace, Chapel Street, Whitehaven; Louie BULMAN, Harras Moor, Whitehaven; and Lily BELT, 72 Gorton Street, Blackpool. All were uninjured, though they suffered somewhat from the shock. As regards the other carriage, one of the back wheels was torn off the axletree, and the spring was broken. The driver fortunately, was uninjured.