Mr. T. MILBURN presided at the fortnightly meeting of this Board, held in the Court Buildings, Cockermouth, on Monday.
 The Workington Relief Committee recommended that the following words be printed on orders for admission to the Workhouse.:-
“This order is only available on the day of issue and following day.”
 Mr. NELSON said the idea was to prevent people from trading on these tickets, which was frequently done. Notwithstanding that they received their railway fare from the relieving officer they showed these tickets and begged for their railway fare. The recommendation was adopted.
 A letter was received from Carlisle Union stating that it is considered inadvisable to proceed with the discussion for the provision of a home for imbeciles, four unions only being prepared to discuss the matter. Mr. LAIRD said this brought them back to the original scheme for the County Council, and he thought they should support that scheme, which was a very desirable object. He moved that they give their most hearty support to the County Council scheme, and ask them to obtain the necessary powers to put the machinery in motion. - Mr. ROSS seconded. The Chairman said a committee had been appointed to deal with this matter, and he thought the question should be referred to them. - This was agreed to.