A youth, named Fletcher KENNEDY, living at Brow Top, Workington, and at the time of the occurrence spare time billiard marker at the “Curwen Arms,” Workington, was having supper in the kitchen with the son of the landlord (Mr. KINGHORN) - a youth of 19.

 The landlord’s son had a toy pistol in his hand and they were larking with it, unaware that it was loaded, and it went off and discharged a bullet into KENNEDY’s right breast. Mr. KINGHORN, who was in the bar, came out on hearing the report, and met KENNEDY in the passage, coming to him, and on being told what had occurred, had him stripped, and summoned dr. ORMROD. The lad was conveyed to the Infirmary, and is doing very well.

 Complaints have been loud recently of flocks of sheep in the neighbourhood of Leeson Hall and Oulton being chased by dogs during the night and worried. Mr. R. FENWICK’ Lesson Hall, had one killed and a quarter of it eaten, and others have been severely torn.
 Mr. ROBINSON, Oulton House, was fortunate enough on Saturday morning to find two dogs busily at work among his flock, and on the owners of the culprits being made aware of it the animals were immediately dispatched.