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 On Saturday afternoon as the Frizington White Star Football Shield team were returning home from the match at Kirkland in a wagonette in which they were driven by Mr. J. COOK, Frizington, the hind wheel came off, and of course the vehicle collapsed.
 Fortunately no one was much hurt, though some were shaken, and it was fortunate the accident did not happen in descending the steep hills and ground coming from Kirkland, otherwise the occurrence might have been more serious. The accident occurred at Rowrah Road.


 Last Sunday was observed as Children’s Sunday throughout the Whitehaven Wesleyan Circuit, and at Rowrah Wesleyan Church the Rev. Jas. GRAHAM in the morning and Mr. Fred FAWCETT, Egremont, in the evening preached special sermons to the young. The Rev. James GRAHAM and Mr. John THOMPSON also addressed the Sunday School children in the afternoon, and the latter also sang a solo. The teacher also entered into earnest devotion upon behalf of the Sunday School Children and the work which is being carried on with great care and diligence is expected to be a means of leading many scholars to lead useful lives in the work of the Master.

 Members of the Brigham Reading Room paid a visit to the Kirkland Reading Room on Saturday evening to play friendly matches at billiards, whist, and dominoes with members of the latter. Return: -
Billiards - Kirkland, 586; Brigham, 457.
Whist - Kirkland, 84; Brigham, 70.
Dominoes - Brigham, 31; Kirkland, 24.

 The visitors were entertained to tea by the Kirkland members, and Mr. Wm. SHAW, Wheat Sheaf Inn, entertained to tea the Kirkland players, and the Kirkland United Football Team, a kindness which was greatly appreciated by all. Mr. TURVER, on behalf of Brigham, proposed a vote of thanks to the Kirkham members for their kind hospitality, and was enthusiastically accorded.