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 An interesting little gathering was held in the drapery department of the Egremont Co-operative Society on Saturday evening for the purpose of making a presentation to Mr. W. GATES, who has now entered the service of the Barrow-in-Furness Co-operative Society. As soon as it became known that Mr. GATES had succeeded in securing an appointment at Barrow the employees of the Egremont Co-operative Society promptly subscribed a sum of money with which they purchased a Gladstone bag, hand bag, an album, and a razor.

 Mr. FIDLER, secretary of the Egremont Co-operative Society, was called upon to make the presentation. He said he was pleased to carry out the wish of the subscribers. He knew they all regretted that they were losing Mr. GATES, but on the other hand they were proud that he was getting on in the business life. Mr. GATES had been in the employ of the Egremont Co-operative Society foe a period of seven years, five of were spent in passing through his apprenticeship in the drapery department and two years as an assistant in the department. It was gratifying now as Mr. GATES was leaving them to be able to say that they had always found him obliging and willing to do whatever he was asked to do. They were all glad that he had improved his position, and they hoped that he would continue to make good progress. (Applause.)

 Mr. GARNETT, the manager of the Egremont Co-operative Society, supplemented Mr. FIDLER’s remarks with a few encouraging words.

 Mr. GATES, in accepting the gifts expressed his extreme gratification at receiving such a handsome mark of recognition from his fellow employees. He would always remember the years of his apprenticeship in Egremont Co-operative Society. (Hear, hear.) He thought that he got on well with both the committee and his fellow employees and the members of the society too. It was his endeavour and would be to do his best for his employers and those with whom he came in contact. (Hear, hear.)