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 On Friday evening, Mr. John MILBURN, eldest son of mine host of the Golden Lion who will shortly leave Maryport for  Dovenby, was presented with a handsome timepiece and a pair of bronze ornaments which have been subscribed for by numerous friends in Maryport, as a mark of esteem and in recognition of the recipients’ numerous kindly actions while in Maryport and his obliging disposition.

 There was a gathering of between 40 and fifty subscribers, who were entertained to supper in the billiard room by Mr. MILBURN. At the conclusion of the meal, song and speech was the order of the evening.

 In responding to the toast of “The Army and Navy,” Mr. Tom MILBURN, jun., late of the Imperial Yeomanry, said he had had better luck than many who went out to South Africa and were now under the sod. He could assure them that the British Army was bad to beat. One one occasion he formed one of a body of 450 Yeomanry, with three guns, who engaged with 2,000 Boers. After fighting for three hours, and sustaining 300 casualties, their ammunition was spent, and they were obliged to surrender. But on talking with the Boers they assured “their friends, the enemy” they would pay them out another day, when in a stronger force, (Laughter.) He had the luck to serve under a very good general, Lord METHUEN, (cheers.)

 Mr. Thomas SIBSON made the presentation, and Mr. MILBURN suitably replied. - Songs were contributed by Messrs. SCOLLY, REED, the brothers KELLY, G. BYKER, a gentleman whom the Chairman humorously dubbed, “the Maryport Nightingale,” and others. Mr. J. ROGERSON presided at the piano.