It will be very gratifying to the many friends of dr. and Mrs. BRAITHWAITE, West Croft, Egremont, that their youngest son, Mr. S. H. BRAITHWAITE, has covered himself with great distinction by winning the “Ada Lewis” scholarship, the examination for which was held in London on the 26th of September last.
 The scholarship entitles Mr. S. H. BRAITHWAITE to three years free musical education at the Royal Academy at London. This young gentleman is to be congratulated upon his high achievement. He only took up the study of the clarionette some eighteen months ago, under Mr. CLINTOMN, of London, who is probably the  finest clarionette player in England.
 Mr. S. H. BRAITHWAITE is also a fine pianist and organist, and we shall not be surprised to hear of further success to him in this department.