Mr. Gordon FALCON (coroner) held an inquest at the Golden Lion Hotel,
Whitehaven, on Saturday morning, touching the death of Patrick KILLEN, aged
10, of Bardy Steps.

       The lad was run over on Friday forenoon by one of the William Pit
engines engaged in shunting work at the dock, his body being frightfully mangled.
Death was instantaneous. Evidence of identification was given by the father.

       Richard WIGNALL, an eye witness to the accident, said the deceased was
proceeding in the same direction (from the Sugar Tongue to the dock) as the
engine, and had in his arms a cat that he had been asked to drown. The lad had
received a halfpenny to do away with the animal. Deceased was walking on the
harbour side of the line, and as the engine overtook him, the cat was seen to
attempt to scratch the lad, and finally escape from his captures arms. The
animal crossed the line, and was followed by the boy, just as the engine reached
them. Both the lad and the cat were killed.

       Peter STARKIE, the driver in charge of the engine, stated that they
were running about three to four miles an hour at the same time of the accident.
Only the engine and first wagon passed over the body. WIGNALL signalling to
them to reverse the engine, by throwing up his arms.

       Evidence having been given by David BRISCO, stoker, the jury returned
a verdict of "Accidental death," adding that they considered no one to blame.