The members of this institute held their half yearly meeting on Thursday. Mr.
E. BURROW (president) took the chair, and referred in congratulatory terms to
the success attained by the institute during the last six months. £20, he
said, had been spent in renovating the rooms, and this explained that fact that
they had such a slight balance to carry to the present half year's account.

The secretary (Mr. John LANCASTER) reported that the membership remained
unchanged, and that affiliation with the West Cumberland Billiard and Whist league
Associations had been renewed.

After payment of expenses, they had a balance in hand of 4s  3  1/2 d., the
receipts having amounted to £82 16s 3 1/2d. (inclusive of a balance of £19 12s
10d. brought from the previous account.)

The following were the elected committee men, the figures in brackets
representing the number of votes each received: -

T. BURROW (33)


E. M'CONN (31)

John FIDLER (29)

William ROBERTS (29)

John BURNYEAT (28)

Jonathan PORTER (28)



T. H. ACHURCH (24)

Henry FISHER (22)

Joseph HARRISON (21)

William M'DONALD and R. O'NEIL tied for the 13th position, each receiving 20
votes. R. O'NEIL was finally elected by a majority of six votes. Mr. John
LANCASTER was re-appointed secretary, and Mr. W. BROWN, treasurer. The auditors,
Messrs. Charles SINCLAIR and John KEARNEY, were also re-elected. The papers and
magazines were sold during the evening by Mr. WALTON to whom a vote of thanks
was passed for his services.