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Dear Uncle Sam, - I am going to tell you how I would spend the half crown if
I had the good fortune to win it. I would ask you to send an order to Messrs.
WELSH, MOSS & Co., for a book called "Adventures of Livingstone." My reason
for selecting this book is because I have read short stories about Livingstone's
adventures with lions & c. One story I read was about his adventure with two
lions in the forest. The lions at first had gained the best advantage of him,
but at last he shot them. I also read another story about him and his men
fighting some natives. The natives killed three of Livingstone's men, and it
looked as though the natives would win. At the finish of the fight Livingstone's
men and himself won. As I have these parts I would like to read the rest. From
your affectionate nephew,

Crown Hotel, Hensingham.
January 18, 1897.


Dear Uncle Sam, - The way I would spend the prize if I won it would be to go
to Mr. HINDE's in Tangier-street and get a pair of skates. I could get a pair
for one and sixpence, and with the other shilling I would go to Mr. GLESSAL's
in King-street and get my brother and myself each a cap at sixpence each. The
weather is just about right now for skating, and there will be some rare fun
on the ice. Before Christmas, when there was frost, I used to go up to Harras
Moor, but now the holidays are over, and I will have to go to school. - From
your affectionate nephew,

Joseph BEWLEY,
21 Foxhouses-road, Whitehaven.
January 18th, 1897.


Dear Uncle Sam. - If I could win the prize this week I would be very pleased
indeed. The first thing I would do I would go to the Manchester Warehouse, and
get one yard and a half of flannel for a petticoat, at tenpence per yard.
Then I could get two yards of flannelette for a skirt, at five pence per yard. I
could also get one yard of print for a pinafore, at fivepence per yard. So I
think I would do very well indeed if I could get them. The weather is really
beautiful now. I wish I could only skate, and I would have bought skates. I
remain your affectionate niece,

21 Foxhouses-road, Whitehaven.


Dear Uncle Sam. - I am going to tell you how I would spend the prize this
week if I won it. First of all, I will tell you that I have three brothers. I
would go to R. M. TAGGERT's, 60, King-street, Whitehaven, to buy them something.
I would buy one a tie, the other a collar, and the other a cap. If I had any
change out, I would buy myself two or three pocket handkerchiefs. I remain your
affectionate niece,

Hannah Mary WARWICK,
January 15th, 1897.

To be continued...