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Part One.

       The following list of the comrades enrolled in the Excelsior Band:


R. DENT, 76, Duke-street.

M. BEWICK, 16 Sandhills-lane

M. J. LUNDY, 10 Peter-street.

M. HESLOP, 9, Edgehill-terrace.

S. LUNDY, 10, Peter-street.

E. SHERWEN, 14 Addison-street.

M. A. WILLIAMSON, 64, Duke-street.

Jos. GILL, 6, Carmichael-street.

A. THOMPSON, 13, Corkickle.

Jos. BURNS, 12, Sandhills-lane.

W. W. PEARSON, Victoria-road.

A. H. BRAKENRIDGE, 1, Mosswell-terrace.

E. J. McDONALD, Brakenthwaite.

L. JOHNSTON, Brakenthwaite.

D. THOMPSON, 29, Scotch-street.

John MARTIN, 69, Peter-street

Frank CLARE, 1, Webster's-place, Marlboro-street

Stewart SHIELDS, 22, Roper-street

Ed HARTLEY, 20 High-street

J. J. McKEE, 4, Senhouse-street

Jos. W. THOMPSON, 13, Corkickle

J. DUNLOP, North Wall House.

John GILL, 6 Carmichael-street

L. PORTER, 7, Tangier-street.

M. E. FERGUSON, 8, Sandhills-lane.

Dora WILSON, 8, Addison-street.

H. CURPHY, 11 Schoolhouse lane

S. A. NICHOLSON, 4, Wellington-row.

A. FREARS, 36, New-street.

Lizzie WILSON, 9, New-street.

Ethel ROBINSON, 1 Aviary-street.

Daisy HAMPTON, 46, Duke-street.

Agnes BEWLEY, 21 Foxhouses-road

Evelyn SKELTON, 152, Queen-street

J. EWBANK, Granary-yard

James DAVIDSON, 9, Market-place.

Mary A. CHARLETON, 3, Catherine's-palce, West Strand.

B. H. NICHOLSON, 4, Wellington-place.

Joseph BEWLEY, 21, Foxhouses-road

Florenec Mary HUETWAITE, 5, York-terrace, Sunny Hill.

Margaret J. CONNERS, 14, Arrowthwaite

Edward McALLISTER, 102, Middle-row, Newhouses

Alice WILSON, 10 Lucknow Villa, Coach-road.

Betsy WILSON, 10 Lucknow Villa, Coach-road.

Daniel Smith WALKER, Rottington.

Annie M. FERGUSON, 25, Roper-street.

Lena WILSON, 9, Cross-street.

John ELAND, 16, Plumblands-lane

Florence SHILLITO, 36, Roper-street

Maggie SIMPSON, 19, Queen-street.

Wm. KELLY, North Wall House.