By authentic intelligence from Stockholm, dated Sept 3, we learn that the treaty for the final arrangement of all the differences between Sweden and Denmark, under the mediation of Great Britain, was signed on the 1st of the month, in the House of Lord Strangford, the British Ambassador. Sweden is to pay three millions of dollars, (Hamburg Banco) in ten annual payments, with 4 per cent interest; and the bonds for the principal and interest, are to be deposited in the hands of Lord Strangford, as the minister of the mediating power.



The public are already acquainted that the Spaniards would not ratify the treaty for ceding the Floridas to the Americans. Letters have been received from Charleston in 22 days, which state that every preparation was making in America, in expectation of a rupture with Spain. Vessels were fitting out at every sea-port, and a general bustle was observed in all the military and naval departments. The popular feeling was much in favour of war, and from the depressed state of trade, every thing favourable was anticipated by the inhabitants, should such an event take place.