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We the Undersigned Landowners and Occupiers of Land, within the Manors of Irton and Santon, do hereby give notice that all Person, who shall in future be found hunting, shooting, or coursing upon an of the estates which we occupy within the said Manors, without leave, will be immediately proceeded against as Wilful Trespassers.

Edmund L IRTON, Irton Hall

Skeffington LUTWIDGE, Holm Rook

Richard SHERWEN, Seathwaite

Thomas BROCKLEBANK, Green Lands


John ROGERS, Kirklands

John GAITSKELL, Hall Santon

Ann COWARD, Hall Flat

Christopher MOORE, Cragg

Jonathan SANDWITH, Mill House

Abram CLEMENTS, Gubber Gill Head

Anthony SHACKLEY, Cookston Place

Thomas SHACKLEY, Moorend

William SINGLETON, Moorend

Daniel JACKSON, Moorside

Samuel WALKER, Mooryeat

James IRWIN, Gaskett

Henry MOSSOP, Miteside

Thomas WATSON, Catch Ground

Robert LYON, Scatungarth

John BROCKLEBANK, Eilbeck Ground

Henry KITCHIN, Oak Bank

George Mitchell HILL, Park Gate

Joseph PORTER, Sand Bank

William HARRINGTON, Plumgarth

John KITCHIN, Bowerhouse

Thomas HARESNAPE, Key How

William GUNSON, Burn Broth

John MOSSOP, Stape Stones

Samuel YOUNG, Santon Bridge End

Isaac TAYLOR, Sorrow Stones

William HARRISON, Windyeat

Alexander STEWART, Cragg House

William TURNER, Fell Side

William MOSSOP, Cragg House

John VICKERS, Holm Rook

John HARTLEY, High House

Allen BIRKETT, Hewrigg

William PARKER, Hewrigg.