Mr. J. W. MAXWELL, the Moresby Schoolmaster, who is  leaving the district
for his native East Coast, to settle at Roker, Sunderland,  is a prominent
personality in Cumberland sport, notably Rugby Union. He helped  to founf the
now powerful Moresby R. U. club and since then has been Chairman  and County R.
U. Representative. His son Jack captained Moresby for two seasons  and is now
assisting Furness.

   Coming to Cumberland more than thirty years ago,  Mr. MAXWELL was
conspicuous as a soccer player about 1900. He was responsible  for organising the
well remembered Moresby schoolboy team that won the  Whitehaven Schools Cup
competition for six years in succession from season  1904.

   Apart from his sporting activities, Mr. MAXWELL has  taken a keen
interest in local public life. For thirty years he has served on  the Parish Council
and he has been the chairman for sixteen years. There is a  presentation to
him to-night (Wednesday).

***There is a picture of Mr. J. W. MAXWELL if anyone is interested let me