"Playing With The Case."

   Arrested on a warrant for arrears under an  affiliation order, Frank
McDONALD (33), of 60, Yeathouse Road, Frizington, was  committed to prison for one
month by the Whitehaven Justices on Monday.

   Complainant, Abigail McCOURT, of 57, Yeathouse  Road, said defendant paid
nothing since the order was made, and now owed her £7  1s 9d.

   McDONALD, who failed to appear last week, told Mr.  H. BRAITHWAITE (for
complainant) that he really meant to keep his promise to  pay, but the girl's
mother had insulted his sister, and until they learned to be  different towards
his family he would be a bit different, too.

   Mr. BRATITHWAITE: You have made up your mind you  won't pay, is that it?
- No. I'll apply to the Labour Exchange for the child's  money this week.

   The Chairman (Mr. R. JEFFERSON): You are playing  with the case, and we
are not going to have your excuses any longer, on this  amount, at any rate.
You will go to prison for a month.