Mrs. Mary Jane BAXTER, of Wood Street, Maryport,  widow of Mr. William
BAXTER, a master mariner, who died in 1911, and mother of  Mrs. E. HUMPHREYS, of
the Butcher's Arms, Maryport, who won a consolation prize  in the Irish Sweep
last week, passed away on Saturday, after less than a week's  illness, the
first serious illness of her life. She had caught a chill on the  previous
Sunday when she visited her husband's grave, and pneumonia  supervened.

   Although so seriously ill and in great pain, she  took a lively interest
in the Sweep and was delighted at her daughter's  success.

   She was a native of Maryport and the only sister of  the late Mr. Edward
BELL, who has been employed all his life by Lord LONSDALE  and at his death
occupied an important position in the Estate Management. She  had brought up a
family of twelve, all except one, who perished in the Zeebrugge  attack, still
surviving. Four sons, like their father, follow the sea and the  eldest
succeeded his father as a Solway pilot.

   She was 71 years of age, proud of her vigorous  health and her head of
jet black hair unstreaked with grey, but her freedom from  ailments
unfortunately led her to neglect precautions against chills. She was  highly esteemed, and
much sympathy is felt for her family.