Stated to be a native of Workington, Irving PARKER,  a dangerous maniac,
has escaped from the Menston Mental Institution, near   Ilkley, and an
extensive search has been commenced by the West Riding and  Bradford City Police.

   The roads leading to the Institution are usually  busy with motor and
pedestrian traffic, and as the man disappeared suddenly and  all efforts to find
him have up to the time of writing, failed, it is suggested  that he avoided
the roads and is wandering about somewhere on the lonely moors.  He is
described as being a dangerous maniac, and much concern is felt by the  asylum
authorities, as he may do some harm while he is at large.

   When he escaped he was wearing a dark tweed suit  and a pair of light
slippers with buckles. He is described as being 5ft 9 in. in  height, with very
dark hair. He is 29 years of age.



   It is reported that John FOSTER, aged 35, a single  man, of 1, Ladypit
Terrace, Whitehaven has been missing from his lodgings since  Saturday, and it
is thought that he may be suffering from loss of memory. FOSTER  is a native of
Cork and speaks with a strong Irish brogue. The official  description of the
man is :-

   Height 5 ft. 5 in., slender build; sandy hair;  fresh complexion, clean
shaven, blue eyes, dressed in navy blue suit, light  coloured cap, overcoat,
black shoes, collar and tie.