Rev. Hugh SINGLETON to Retire.

   The Rev. Hugh SINGLETON, who began his ministry at  Workington in 1882 in
a building in Edkin Street which was then used during the  week as a public
auction room and is now Christ Church, is retiring in April.  For the last 37
years he has been pastor of the Smethwick Regent Street Baptist  Church, and
the members of the church, in accepting his resignation at the  recent service
placed on record their high appreciation of his ministry and  their deep sense
of gratitude for the success that has attended his labours.  "The senior
deacon," the "Smethwick Telephone" records, "expressed the feelings  of all who had
been helped by the Rev. gentleman's ministry when he said no man  in the
district has been more beloved."

   In his letter of resignation, Mr. SINGLETON  recalled that he began his
ministry at Workington on the third Sunday in April,  1882, so the second
Sunday in April, 1932, would conclude his 50th year in the  ministry.

   The resolution in which the Church accepted the  resignation was in the
following terms:

   "We, the members of the Smethwick Baptist Church in  special meeting
assembled, having received from our beloved pastor a letter  expressing resolve to
resign the pastorate of the Church, desire to place on  record our high
appreciation of his ministry for the past 37 years, our deep  sense of gratitude to
Almighty Good for the measure of success that has attended  his labours, and
our earnest prayers that God will spare him in health and  strength for many
years to come."

   Mr. SINGLETON during his ministry at Workington  raised the money with
which the present Baptist Church in Harrington Road was  built.