The Guild Festival in connection with the  Workington South William
Street Wesleyan Church was held on Sunday and Monday.  The special preacher was the
Rev. Will SAWKINS, of the central Hall, Carlisle.   There were good
congregations at both morning and evening services  on  Sunday and they were delighted
with the forceful and inspiring addresses  delivered by the preacher. In the
afternoon the annual Sunday School prize  giving was held, presided over by Mr.
W. ELLIOTT. Miss. Edith MANDALE   presented the prizes and the Rev. Will
SAWKINS gave a delightful talk to the  scholars.

   On Monday evening a large congregation gathered to  hear the Rev. SAWKINS
popular lecture, "The World's Best Story." The president  of the Guild, the
Rev. H. H. SYMMONS, occupied the chair and expressed his  pleasure at having
his old college friend to address them.

   During the evening several negro spirituals were  sung by Mrs. SKELTON,
of Maryport. A vote of thanks to all who had taken part in  the festival was
proposed by Mr. W. ELLIOTT and heartily carried.