(Before J. P. SENHOUSE, W. OSTLE, and R. RITSON, Esqrs.)


William ROBINSON, of Dearham was brought before the Magistrates by the County police, for a most cowardly and violent assault upon Mr. Jos. FALKINS of Dearham.

It appeared that ROBINSON had put two of his horses in FALKIN’s field, as he said, “To be handy for the morning.” FALKIN on being informed that two horses were in his field, went with the intention of moving both horses to the pinfold, having put a halter on one, and on the road to the pinfold met with ROBINSON who asked him where he was going with the horses. FALKIN replied he was going to take them home. ROBINSON seized the horses and took the halter off the one, and then violently seized FALKIN by the breast, and endeavoured to put him into a water hole; failing in that, he knocked him down and kicked him on the head and other parts of the body, and left him lying for dead.

FALKIN laying insensible for some time; on recovering he traveled home and, was confined to his bed for a few days; he was able to appear and give evidence before the magistrates on Friday last, but looked very ill and weak from the injuries he received.

The prisoner on being apprehended, was very violent, having kicked and struck the officers; he bit one of the officer’s arms nearly through, and another he bit on the wrist. After an obstinate resistance he was lodged in the lock-up, and for the offence committed to take trial at the next sessions.


Joesph MITCHINSON of Crosby, Innkeeper, was fined £1 and costs for having company drinking in his house on Sunday afternoon, the 12th inst.


Thomas BRADSHAW of Crosscannoby, innkeeper, was fined £1 and costs for a similar offence.


Robert ADLEY, and Robert BURNS, were fined 5s and costs each, for drunken and disorderly conduct in the town of Maryport.