A most extraordinary circumstance occurred in one of the Stour Valley trains, on Tuesday evening week. A woman, named Mary POTTS, wife of a miner, was seized with the pains of labour near Deepfields, and although the train reached its destination in about ten minutes after starting she delivered herself of a fine boy, in the presence of a large number of fellow passengers, including men, women and children.

The affair was communicated to Mr. AMOS, the station master at Deepfields, who caused the poor woman to be carried to a waiting room, and procured her the aid of several married women, until the arrival of Mr. SMITH, a surgeon from Walbrook.

The youngster who had thus strangely made his entrance into the world was early conveyed home, but his mother could not be removed until eleven o’clock.

Another singularity connected with the case was that the woman’s husband left her at the railway station, walked coolly home, and paid no attention whatever to his wife’s sufferings and wants. Parent and child are now going on well.

A second case of this kind happened the other day to a Mrs. GORDON, of Liverpool, near Crewe. She was delivered of two children in a railway carriage, the one a boy and the other a girl. She was carefully removed with her little newborn family from the railway carriage, by order of Captain WIMBY, station master, to Mr. Philip WILLETT’s Royal Oak Inn, Crewe, where she had every attention paid to her by the worthy landlady. She has registered her little girl by the name of Elizabeth Ann CREWE, and the boy Nicholas CREWE, in commemoration of the event.