At the Cockermouth Police Court on Monday, Telford FIDLER, collier, Broughton Moor, was charged with assaulting John BLACK, labourer, Greysouthen, and Henry BLACK, collier, of the same place, son of the last named, on the 26th ult.
  John BLACK said on Saturday, the date named, he was in bed, when he heard a noise in the garden about eleven o'clock. He dressed and went into the garden, and found his son lying there, appearing as if he had been much knocked about by someone. When helping him up, FIDLER, the man who had committed the assault, knocked witness down and kicked him in the mouth knocking some of his teeth loose. Defendant and others with him then ran away.
  Henry BLACK said he went into the garden a week gone Saturday evening, and while he was there four men came down. One of them Telford FIDLER, came over the barbed wire into the garden, and started on complainant with both fists, knocking him down. His brother Harrison FIDLER, tried to pull him off. Telford FIDLER pulled him out from behind the tree, and commenced kicking him in the ribs, and buckled his nose with his teeth.
  In answer to the magistrates, complainant said FIDLER had blamed him for throwing a stone at him, be he (complainant) denied doing any such thing.
  The elder complainant said defendant had asked him to settle the matter out of Court, but he refused and said he would let the magistrates decide the case.
  Defendant who did not appear was fined £3, including costs, in each case, with the alternative of a month's imprisonment, the Chairman (Mr. W. L. ALEXANDER) remarking that the assault was a very serious one, and this sort of thing must be stopped.