The opening meeting of the Egremont Wesley Guild, took place on Monday. About 60 people were present, and a very enjoyable social evening was spent.
  The programme was arranged by Mr. J. W. HOBSON, and pianoforte solos were given by Mr. J. NELSON and Miss. BENSON, songs by Miss. H. STOUT, and Miss. J. WILLIAMS, and the Rev. G. W. POLKINGHORNE, and a recitation (encore) by Miss. WILLIAMS, Mr. J. NELSON (Parkfield) kindly lent his gramophone which was manipulated by Mr. F. ALLIER.
  The following were at the refreshment stall:
 Miss. S. E. SEWELL.
  The roll of secretary, Mr. J. E. ROBINSON
  President, Rev. G. W. POLKINGHORNE.
  The general secretary took a list of those who desired to become members of the Guild, and were glad to receive the names of almost all in the room.