A case of smallpox was discovered at Harrington on Saturday. It appears that Mr. G. GLEN, Grecian Terrace, has been for some time working at Newcastle, and on Thursday night he came home on a visit to his parents.
  On Friday he was not so well, and on Saturday Dr. CULLEN was called in. From the symptoms he suspected smallpox, and left word that he had to be communicated with at once if a rash appeared. Towards evening he was called, and was at once satisfied that it was a case of smallpox. Dr. HIGHET of Workington was also consulted, and every precaution taken to isolate the patient until arrangements could be made for removal to a hospital.            
  Mr. EAGLESFIELD, the sanitary inspector, was also on the scene on Sunday and rendered every possible assistance. On Monday arrangements were made to remove Mr. GLEN to the Ellerbeck Hospital at Workington.
  The room has been disinfected, and every necessary step will be taken to prevent any spread of the disease. Mrs. GLEN accompanied her son to the hospital, and after seeing that he was comfortable returned home. Great sympathy is expressed toward the family in their trouble.