Another case of smallpox was removed to Merchant's Quay Hospital on Friday evening.
     Jack MORGAN (35), a hawker, and inmate of Brew's Common Lodging House, 45, Derwent Street. It was a case of local infection. The lodging house has been quarantined. The man, ROBINSON, who is convalescing, had to be removed from the Merchants Quay Hospital to Ellerbeck Fever Hospital, where there are already two convalescent smallpox patients, in order to make room for MORGAN - four or five cases at the utmost being as many as Port Sanitary Authority's hospital can comfortably (?) accommodate.
     A two year old child of the patient ROBINSON removed to Ellerbeck with the other members of the family so as to ensure more thorough isolation, has since contracted the disease in a mild form; and on Monday another child, eight years of age, was found to be affected, and was also removed to the Fever Hospital.
     Yesterday, Tuesday, two men, STEPHENSON, of Lawson Street, on the Quay, and RONEY, of the Marsh, went to joining the too rapidly increasing number of patients at Ellerbeck.