The Court of Assizez of the  Basses-Alpes was occupied on the 9th and
10th of December with the trial of a  woman named AUDIFFRET, for poisoning her
husband on the first of February at  Cardamine.
    The deceased was a farmer living  unhappily with his wife, who at length
took him off by poison. The proof of the  crime turned principally on the
evidence of Pierre DONNAUD, the cure of the  parish, who declared that the
deceased had stated to him the evening of his  death, with full details, the mode in
which the prisoner had given him the  poison.
    The witness had gone to  administer to the deceased the consolations of
religion, and it was shortly  afterwards that he thought he should not be
performing his duty to society  unless he made a declaration of what the deceased
had confided to  him.
    After the witnesses evidence, it  was proved by medical men that the
body, when disinterred and tested by Marsh's  apparatus, was found to contain a
considerable quantity of  arsenic.
    The jury returned a verdict of  guilty, with extenuating circumstances,
and the court condemned the prisoner to  ten years hard labour and exposure on
the pillory.