Within the last few years, the attention of the  fishermen belonging to the
Hebrides, but more particularly to the islands of  Mull and Islay, has been
directed to the fishing of lobsters, with which the  Western Isles abound.
    A good number of individuals  have embarked in that kind of fishing, and
have been up to the present year,  abundantly renumerated for their labour by
exporting the produce of the fishings  from this port by the steamers to
    This year, however, the lobsters  have increased on the hands of the
fishermen; and the Liverpool fishmongers,  taking advantage of the supply being
only once a fortnight from Scotland, have  reduced the price and subjected the
fishermen to other deductions, which bid  fair to cripple, if not altogether to
destroy, this branch of employment for the  inhabitants of the Western
~Greenock Advertiser.