Our readers will find, fully  detailed in our advertising columns, the
particulars of this new line which we  noticed last week, and we are able to
announce, on authority, that its adoption  by the public has been unusually rapid.
    By Friday, Saturday, and  Sunday's posts, Messrs. ARMITSTEAD and
MUSGRAVE, the legal agents to the  undertaking in Whitehaven, received subscribers'
names for share amounting to  £36,900. Sunday night's post alone brought
applications for shares amounting to  upwards of £20,000; and there is no doubt, that
the money support necessary for  the undertaking might be secured at once in
London, if it were not for the wish  of the promoters to dispose of the shares
so as to give the line the greatest  possible local interest.
    With this view were are informed  a preference will be given in the
allotment to individuals connected with the  district, and especially those
interested in the productive trading interests of  Cumberland and the North of
Lancashire. Such reservation can, however, only last  a certain time, and we
therefore advise such of our readers as may be disposed  to do so to make the
necessary application in proper time.
    From the very favourable  auspices under which this undertaking has met
with from the public, there can be  no doubt of the ultimate and easy formation
of this important line of  Railway.