Worcester, Friday Evening - A most desperate attack was made this morning, between twelve and one o'clock, by a body of armed poachers, to the number of at least twenty, upon five night watchers upon the preserves of the Earl of Coventry, at Croome, about seven miles from this city, by which it is feared human life will be sacrificed.

It seems that the keepers were watching a portion of the preserves near to Mr. WOODWARD's, of Pirton Farm, in the parish of Croome, when they were suddenly surrounded by a gang of some twenty poachers, armed with guns and sticks, and having with them a number of snares for taking game.

The fellows at once attacked the keepers, who, seeing there was no chance of successfully encountering so numerous and desperate a body of assailants, fled, and were immediately fired upon by the gang, who wounded one or two of them, though not seriously, the shots striking them in the face, and knocking off their hats, which were perforated with the shot. One poor fellow, however, did not succeed in escaping without receiving such injuries as it is thought will bring him to an untimely grave. Not being able to make his escape with his fellow watchers, the gang set upon him and beat him about the head in a most inhumane and barbarous manner, leaving him senseless on the ground.

The poachers were heard firing their guns in the preserves for some time afterwards. The poor fellow last mentioned was this morning brought in a car to the Worcester Infirmary, where the promptest attention was paid to his wounds. It was found that, in addition to numerous bruises on the head and upper portions of his body, his skull was extensively fractured, presenting literally a mass of horrid gore. The operation of trepanning was skillfully performed this afternoon by the surgeons in attendance, but the unfortunate patient remains this evening in an insensible and hopeless state.

Some of the gang are known to the police, and it is hoped that in a few days they will be captured. They belong to a large body of poachers which has long infested this country, and are indeed becoming a terror to the neighbourhood. A party of the same gang visited the keeper's house at Croome Perry Wood, a short time ago, and called upon him to get up and find them some game, for "they'd be ----- if they could find any." They have also made similar visitations in other places, and have sent threatening letters to two or three game preservers.

- Sun.
The wounded keeper has since died.