About half past six o'clock on Saturday evening  last, a fire broke out
in the premises belonging to the late Mr. Jeremiah SCOTT,  of Workington,
situate near the new Wesleyan Chapel in that town.
    It appears that the fire had its origin in a small  room on the second
floor, used for holding chips, the rooms adjoining are  tenanted by a
char-woman, whose son, a mere boy, during his mother's absence,  had been in the room in
question with a lighted candle, for the purpose of  getting some fuel, and
had no doubt set the chips on fire, as he presently left  the rooms, and the
fire was almost immediately afterwards discovered.
    Fortunately, Mr. William CLAY was passing the place  in company of one of
his father's workmen named JONES, and seeing the house in  flames, both
immediately rushed into the building, and being joined by Mr.  BRAGG, who resides
near the place, succeeded in arresting the progress of the  devouring element
before mush damage had been sustained. Several other  individuals exerted
themselves on the occasion, but the gentleman already named  had succeeded, at
great personal risk, in checking the fire before other aid was  at hand.