On Tuesday afternoon last, a fire broke  out in the little cottage
occupied by Francis TWEDDLE, joiner, Scotby Lane, and  before any assistance could
be rendered  the entire of the furniture, beds,  &c., was consumed; even the
very tools by which the poor man earned his  livelihood were destroyed, and he
has thus become completely destitute, at  nearly seventy years of age.
    From what we have heard of this case, we  believe there are few instances
in which an active and timely benevolence could  be more usefully employed.
    On Friday night last, or early on  Saturday morning, a barn on the farm
of Mr. DOBINSON, of Scale Hill, which was  filled with grain in the straw, was
completely destroyed, with all it contained,  by fire.
    There had been no artificial light used  in the barn for upwards of three
weeks; and as the doors were well secured, it  is not thought that the
building could have accidentally set on fire by any of  the wandering tribe having
obtained a lodging therein; the impression therefore  is, the fire must have
been the act of some malicious incendiary.
    The annual ball was held as usual at the  Graham's Arms' Hotel, Longtown,
on Monday, the 23rd instant, and was both  numerously and respectably
attended by both ladies and gentlemen.
    Much credit is due to Mr. and Mrs.  BRAITHWATE for the tasteful manner in
which the ball room was fitted up, and  their kind attention to the guests.
The dancing was kept up with great spirit  until an early hour in the morning.