For some time back there has been a movement among the Wesleyan at Seascale in favour of the erection of a proper place of worship. Up to the present the services have been conducted in a room lent by Mr. WHITTINGTON, but the friends are now considering the advisability of putting up a permanent building that will be commodious enough for the influx of worshippers during the season.
     A site has been obtained and staked out, on land belonging to Mr. H. LEECH, Town End. The situation is close to Gosforth Road, and only a short distance from the site of the new church, which it was decided last winter to erect, but which at present is in abeyance.
     It is thought desirable to erect only a portion of a permanent chapel as will be necessary for the requirements of a few years to come.
     On Wednesday at noon, Sir James RAMSDEN, accompanied by his son, and Mr. WHITWORTH, rector of Gosforth, and after luncheon at the Scawfell Hotel, the party proceeded on the foot short way on Gosforth Road, with a view to inspecting the site selected for the proposed new church, the consideration of which was the chief object of the meeting. Sir JAMES and his son subsequently drove to Posonby Hall.