The Elizabeth Hampton has arrived from Falmouth, and the Importer from Dalbeattie, with granite for Messrs. SCOTT and Co., the new dock contractors, and the Mersey has arrived from Port Dinorwic, with a cargo of slates.
     The Mary Waters has come in from Annan, with a cargo of timber for Bristol, and she sailed again for her destination on Monday.
     The O. E. SPOONER, which brought in a cargo of kainit from Hamburg, left for Port Madoc, in ballast, on Wednesday. The coal shipping during the week has been very satisfactory, and the following vessels have taken out cargoes: -
 The ??? and Happy Go Lucky for Belfast.
 The Margaret and Eliza for Glencaple
 The Mary Alice for  Carsethorn
 The J. and J. RICHARDSON for Donaghadee.
     The regular steamers plying to Liverpool and Dublin are carrying their fair general cargoes just now, and 363 head of cattle have been landed from Dublin by the last two voyages. There have been no foreign arrivals or sailings.