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      The number of cases on the calendar for the Autumn Assizes, which open in the Crown Court, Carlisle, on Monday, is nine, in which seventeen males and one female are implicated. The business of the Court will commence immediately after the reading of the Commission. Mr. Justice DAY and Mr. Justice SMITH are the presiding judges. The list of charges is as follows: -
 Simon John CORDNER
 Henry LANEY
 John MOOR
 Thomas CAIN
 William McHENRY
 James RYAN, all on bail, assembling along with others to disturb the public peace at Cleator Moor on the 12th July.
     William DOMIGAN, feloniously shooting with a loaded revolver one Alexander FORBES, with intent to murder, at the Parish of St. Bees, on the 10th August.
     John FITZSIMMONS, making false declaration on the 22nd May, at the Parish of St. Bees and also with obtaining by false pretences, from the Royal London Friendly Society the sum of £25 at the same time.
     Thomas CARTY, on bail, committed on Magistrates' and coroner's warrants, for killing and slaying his father John CARTY, at the parish of Arlecdon, on the 7th September.
     James LINTON and Elizabeth BURNS, robbery and violence from the person of Edward CUNNINGHAM, at the parish of St. Bees, on the second of October last.
     Patrick FRANCE, alias FRENCH, causing an explosion by dynamite, likely to endanger life, at Cleator Moor, on the 30th August.
     James SWEENEY, slater, wounding a child with intent to do bodily harm, at the parish of Workington, on the 25th September.
     Lawrence BURN, stealing a rug and whip, at Bromfield, on the 18th inst., and also with stealing a band box and quantity of wearing apparel, at the parish of Dearham, on the 7th inst.
     John Afred COSTIN, on bail, receiving a rug and whip from Lawrence BURN.
     In the case of the Cleator Moor rioters, Mr. GULLY, Q. C., will  lead the prosecution, and with him will be associated Mr. WRIGHT of the Treasury.
     In our next Wednesday's issue, as usual, we shall give a report of the Assizes, up to the rising of the Court on the night before publication.